Full Stack Developer - Ruby on Rails

  • Contract type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris, France (75009)

About is Europe's fastest-growing recruitment platform for tech profiles. Our selective recruitment platform is the simplest way to hire a great tech team, and we believe we can become Europe's #1 recruitment service for tech talent.

Our concept is simple

As a candidate, instead of wasting time researching job openings and applying for positions, sign up to once and have companies research your profile and "apply" to you.

As a client, instead of trying to look for great talent using channels that yield low-quality leads, gain access to dozens of profiles per week who pass our high qualification bar and are actively seeking their next career move.

We're moving fast

In 3 years, raised €10M grew from 3 people in Paris to a team of almost 100 accross 3 countries. WIRED magazine picked us as one of Paris top 10 start-ups of 2016.

Our offices are located in Paris, Berlin, and London, where people from 15+ different nationalities (half women and half men) collaborate.

Our goal by 2019? Operate in 10 different cities in Europe!

Our vision and daily life are based upon our 3 values:

Think Team: together, we're better :)
Make Impact: individual actions DO make a difference in our startup.
Ownership: you're responsible of your work, and of the succes of - and you'll be credited accordingly ;)

What you will do

You’ll be part of's Tech team (currently 11 people), and you will be in charge of helping us become Europe’s #1 platform for tech recruitment.

Everybody on the team is a full stack developer, which means:

  • Delivering features end to end: we don’t split stories between backend and frontend stories. We believe our organization is more efficient this way.
  • Working on projects where you set the standards on how we tackle new types of issues, then showing your fellow developers how you achieved it. For instance, we recently developed a Chrome extension to help our operational team handle headhunting on social networks. Nobody in the team had ever developed a Chrome extension and at the end of the project the developer responsible for it shared her knowledge with the team.

Learning and sharing is another important aspect of working on our team. Every week we have a retrospective meeting where everyone shares something they learned that week which they feel would help others – from small coding tricks to a more detailed explanation about how the query planner in PostgreSQL works.

Lastly, you’ll help us improve:

  • Our processes: As the team and code base grow, new types of issues arise that need to be solved systematically. Anytime we encounter such an issue, we dispatch one or several team members to improve or establish new processes so that those issues don’t come up again. Our deployment process is currently undergoing such a rework for instance.
  • Our product: we are building a platform for developers like us, making our feedback especially valuable.

What we are looking for

Our technology stack mainly features Ruby on Rails 5.1 and will soon include ReactJS

You’re great for the role if you are:

  • With fullstack coding experience
  • Driven by the desire to build the best product on the market
  • Committed to achieving high standards of code quality
  • Eager to learn and teach

Even better if you have:

  • significant experience with Ruby on Rails
  • significant experience with ReactJS
  • experience using ReactJS with Ruby on Rails
  • 2-4 years of experience

Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process is short but intense: we don’t like to keep people waiting →

1) 30 minute call to assess whether your expectations and our expectations are aligned.
2) A homework technical test, that should take between 1h and 4h to complete.
3) Technical interviews were you will meet three people from the team. Bring your computer and expect to pair program with us.
4) We’ll debrief and give you our decision within a few days of your interview.

Additional Information

  • Contract type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris, France (75009)